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  • A Striated Heron standing in a grassy marsh
  • King’s Wharf in Port of Spain at Trinidad
  • Red-capped cardinal
  • two happy senior hikers at valley of the mountain
  • Group of unique and shy Scarlet Ibis Eudocimus


Transfer to the International Airport for departing flight to Port-of-Spain. Arrival at Piarco International Airport where we will be met and transferred to Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge.  The Nature Centre is situated in a typical valley of Trinidad’s Northern Range, where traditionally coffee, cocoa and citrus plantations were located. Today, many of these plants are maintained at the Nature Centre.  Natural secondary growth has taken over and festooned the abandoned plantation vegetation with vines and epiphytes to produce an effect of being deep in a tropical rainforest.  Overnight at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge.  (B,L,D)

Awaken this morning to the raucous noise of the Crested Oropendola and a host of other exotic sounds.  A first-time visitor may see 20 - 30 life birds before breakfast.  Our day will begin with a guided tour of the several trails which traverse this rich and diverse wildlife sanctuary.  On our introductory walk, we may see such species such as Violaceous Trogon, Channel-billed toucan, Chestnut Woodpecker, White-bearded Manakin, Bearded Bellbird, Rufous-browed Peppershrike, Turquoise and Bay-headed Tanager. After breakfast, we will visit Dunston Cave, home of the most accessible colony of Oilbirds in the world.  Oilbirds are the only nocturnal, fruit-eating birds. After lunch, we will depart for the famous Caroni Marsh and its spectacular highlights.  Neotropic Cormorant, Anhinga, Osprey, Striated Heron, White-cheeked Pintail, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Bicolored Conebill and Red-capped Cardinal could be among the new species seen here.  The Caroni Swamp is a specialized mangrove forest that contains several genera and species of mangroves, showing classic examples of plant adaptation in this unique brackish water environment.  Our day will end with the spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibises returning to their mangrove roosts at dusk, truly one of the most dramatic natural moments.  Returning to the boat dock, we will search the mangrove-lined channels for the mysterious sounding Common Potoo.  Overnight at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge.  (B,L,D)

This morning, we will wind our way out of the Northern Range to Trinidad’s east coast and the Nariva Swamp.  This is the largest freshwater herbaceous swamp in Trinidad.  Palm islands are found along its edges, where the tall Moriche Palm is common.  Here too, we will see a unique mangrove community, made up primarily of the stilt-rooted rhizophora mangrove, which often attains a height of 80 feet.  Along the way, we will first look in the lowland habitats for such species as Savannah Hawk, Red-breasted Blackbird, Southern Lapwing, White-headed Marsh Tyrant and Green-rumped Parrotlet.  Arriving in the coastal area, we will have an opportunity to look for Pearl Kite, Pinnated Bittern, Asure Gallinule, Wattled Jacana and possibly Red Howler Monkey. We have a swimming opportunity in the Atlantic and keep a lookout for the fascinating four-eyed anableps.  We will end our day at dusk, as we wait to see flocks of Red-bellied Macaws return to their nighttime roosting areas.  Overnight at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge.  (B,L,D)

This morning, transfer to Piarco International Airport for the flight home. (B)


Note: Passenger/s traveling on internal flights in Guyana are allowed a free baggage allowance of 20lbs/9.1KG. Exceeding this weight, passengers will incur a cost of GY$150.00 (price subject to change) equivalent to US$ 77 cents per pound. Please note that additional baggage allowance is subject to availability and cannot be confirmed until day/time of check-in by the airline.  We can book excess weight on your behalf but it is subject to being within the payload of the aircraft and at the discretion of the airline. We understand you may want more than 20lbs/9.1KG of baggage and wish to have guaranteed excess baggage/weight and so an alternative is to pre-book an extra seat on the flight which will afford you 175lbs/79.4KG for you to use individually or for your group.

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