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An Antarctica cruise is a great way to explore the southern part of the globe. It is also a new adventure, as only a few have been able to visit the continent as tourists. Isn’t enchanting to explore this icy end of the earth?

People who visit Antarctica usually go a cruise as there are limited places in which they can stay in land, compared to that in other countries. A cruise is also more convenient as it offers all the amenities for you to stay comfortable during your travel.

But how do you prepare for an Antarctica cruise? Below are a few things to pack when going on this kind of adventure:

  • Thermal wear
    Jackets, sweaters, and heavy duty thermal outfits are a must when going on an Antarctica adventure. This is mainly because it is super cold in the continent and it takes time for any human being to adjust to its extremely low temperatures.
    You may want to stay all geared up when going outdoors, as there are times when the ship docks and you can explore Antarctica’s icy shores. However, inside the cruise ship, you can dress up with any outfit you wish.
  • A camera
    A camera is always important in any kind of travel, and it is an ultimate must have when you’re going to Antarctica. This is because while there is not much to see in the country in terms of landmarks, there are a lot of instances when you can watch birds, penguins, seals, and even whales. These are extraordinary sights and you’d be very lucky to be able to take pictures of them.
  • Medication
    If you have the tendency to feel sick when traveling, then you should definitely bring along your medication. Meds are not always available on a cruise ship, and supplies are way harder to find when in Antarctica.