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Bolivia is the known to the world as the land of quinoa, the pious Jesuit missionaries, and the salt flats that look like mirrors of the sky. It is also becoming a popular tourist destination especially to those who are more adventurous and want to go beyond Peru, Brazil, or Argentina.

So what are you going to do when you visit Bolivia? Here are a few:

  1. Enjoy Santa Cruz.
    Do you know how the locals celebrate life and its mysteries in Bolivia? They do it in Santa Cruz. Bolivia’s most prosperous city, Santa Cruz offers a lovely tropical climate and a bustling commercial district, and is home to both modern and traditional cultures. This is where you can dine at international restaurants and party all night, and as well roam around the colonial structures during the day.
  2. Witches Market.
    Another activity that you shouldn’t miss out when you visit Bolivia is the witches market. This market offers a lot of entertainment-you can sit down and have your palms read by a fortune teller, look for special oils and charms that will bring you good luck, or simply shop for souvenirs. It’s also one of the best places where you can learn more about pre-colonial Bolivian legends.
  3. The Coca Museum.
    Located at the heart of La Paz is the Coca Museum. This gallery features the traditional and modern ways the locals use coca, a kind of plant whose leaves are rolled and chewed as a form of gum. Well, this is one way the locals did to fight off high altitudes and even poverty. The museum then tells the story of how the leaves shaped Bolivian culture to what it is today.


To travel to Bolivia is like to take the road less traveled. Well, Bolivia is a relatively small country compared to its Latin American neighbors, and being surrounded by mountains makes it difficult to go to. It is actually a good side trip destination if you are going on an all-out Latino vacation, as long as you know where and when to go.

There are a lot of tourist attractions that you can find in Bolivia. If you are currently planning to travel to Bolivia on your next vacation, then here is a list of must-see destinations:

  1.  La Paz
    La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia. The city is not only surrounded by mountains; it rests on a summit as well. La Paz is likewise considered to be the highest de facto capital city in the world, and it offers a breathtaking cityscape view from above.
  2. Sorata
    If you are looking for a mountain range to hike at during mornings then you may want to check out the town of Sorata. This quiet highland paradise offers a panoramic view of the snowcapped Altipano, which is the widest of the Andean mountains.Sorata is a favorite destination of hikers, campers and other types of outdoor enthusiasts, mainly because of its trekking hotspots and thrilling peaks.
  3. Sucre
    Meanwhile, if you are looking for a cultural stroll during your travel to Bolivia, then it’s best to stop by Sucre. This town is one of the most developed citadels during the Spanish period, and most of its structures and landscapes followed Spanish architecture.
    Sucre is also where Simon Bolivar wrote the Bolivian constitution specifically at the famed La Casa de la Libertad.
  4. Lake Titicaca
    Lake Titicaca is the most famous lake in the Americas mainly because of its enormous size. There are lot of activities that you can do during your stay at the lake, from boating to fishing and even swimming.
    But Lake Titicaca is also famous for being a site of ancient Bolivian civilization. At the southeastern shore of the lake you can find the Tiwanaku, the ruins of an ancient city which scholars believed to the forefathers of the Incan Empire.
  5. Salar de Uyuni
    Of course, who would forget the famous salt plains? If you are looking for a way to walk on the clouds, then this is your chance. You may want to travel to Bolivia and visit the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.The salt beds of the Salar often become crystal clear during the hot summer days, thus you can step on them and see your reflection. The beds also reflect the blue sky, making it seem like you’re walking on the heavens.

Tips when roaming around Bolivia

Since it follows an elevated landscape, the weather in Bolivia is often cold and chilly, even during summer. Hence it may be good for you to bring a jacket and a few scarves to keep you warm during your travel, especially if you’re going to the higher peaks and summits. It is also a great idea to travel with friends as locals are easily intimidated by foreigners, especially those who don’t have companions.